039: Creative and Personal Freedom Through Understanding Your Energetic Make-Up with Cordell Jacks Oct 11, 2021

What’s easier to control: your dreams or your life? What if there is a way to control them both while sleeping?

Cordell Jacks, a dream coach, takes us to this new level of dreaming called the dream works where there is active participation and control over your dreams. 

His passion...

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038: Become the CEO of Your Life with Carmen Rosas Sep 27, 2021

Carmen Rosas is an estate planning attorney and woman’s empowerment coach. Her road to being a lawyer isn’t smooth sailing—she never wanted to be one. She tried to drop out of law school twice due to her self-doubt because she knows that isn’t what she’s meant to...

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037: When Your Life RX is Right On with Dr. Mark “Merriwether” Vorderbruggen Sep 13, 2021

Dr. Mark “Merriwether” Vorderbruggen, Ph.D. grew up being around nature, taking daily strolls in the forests with his parents. With his background and solid foundation about science, he decided to take up chemistry with a primary focus on natural products. After getting sidetracked...

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036: NEAR is Innovating End of Life Navigation with Jane Butler Aug 31, 2021

Let’s face it: it’s easier to talk about life rather than the end of it. But the reality is, we’re all going to face it at some point in our lives. What if there’s a platform that can guide you step-by-step to your journey through the dying process? 

In this...

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035: How Connecting Deeply To Your Sexuality Frees you with Mia Fine Aug 16, 2021

Mia Fine, as a licensed couples therapist, realized that there's such a big gap in sexual exploration. In the middle of being in a society that treats topics on sex with shame and knowing how important intimacy is in a relationship, Mia went through her own journey that helped her become...

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034: Looking At Our Ugly with Judy Lee Aug 02, 2021

Judy Lee has gone through a series of strong, negative events from childhood to motherhood which left her with layers of deep-rooted traumas and feelings of unworthiness, which forced her to develop a false sense of self. As a result of her experiences, Judy grew up as a perfectionist as she...

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033: Having Fun With Taboo Talk: The Death Deck Jul 12, 2021

After her husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, went through treatment, and eventually lost him, Lori LoCicero found support in Lisa Pahl, a hospice social worker who helped her navigate through grief, acceptance, and the hard questions about death. 

Their conversations about dying...

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032: My 44th Year: Reflections On Worthiness with Kristen Elliott Jul 09, 2021

At this point in my life, where I notice every single year that's passing by, it's not about accomplishments and achievements but gaining experience in every way as much as possible. Do not get me wrong, striving, achieving, or hustling is not a bad thing if it's working towards something that...

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031: Listen To The Hum Of Your Soul with Amy Marquis Jul 04, 2021

Amy Marquis was born in Indonesia but was naturalized in the United States through a selfless act her birth mother did when she was an infant. Growing up in a racially mixed environment and having the privilege to travel different countries during most Summers of her childhood, Amy got...

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030: Quantum Healing with Josh Bloom Jun 21, 2021


Joshua Bloom had very interesting childhood experiences that signaled he is an empath. After frustrations of sensing what only a few can, Joshua completely shut it off, ultimately realizing that he has the power to control energies. Seeing the benefits of having empathic abilities and...

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