008: We are all going to die. And isn't that awesome. with Stefan Hunt

Aug 18, 2020

It all began in 2006 when he packed his camera, headed to the USA, bought an ice cream truck and drove to all fifty states to make a documentary. This adventure set him on his way to directing films all over the world capturing beautiful stories, making new friends and eating tacos. But none of this really defines why he does it, and the why is important to Stefan. You see, he believes that creativity and social impact should not be mutually exclusive and his work consistently reflects this. According to Stefan Hunt, he is a certified happy-go-lucky guy where death simply did not mean that much and it was far ahead of him. In his journey where he met people from all walks of life, someone has advised him to write poetry and the first words that he wrote were , "We're all going to die." His new appreciation of death brought a new vision to life. In 2017 Stefan launched his most ambitious creative endeavor titled We’re All Going To Die. This consisted of a published book, short film and sold out multimedia art festival in Sydney Australia. The project aims to empower an audience to ‘fear less and live more’ through humour, colour and death. It has since toured to New Zealand and USA.

Episode Highlights

  • How Stefan managed to get a flight back to Australia right before the COVID-19 hits on a global pandemic
  • Why mental health effects is being neglected in many places during this pandemic
  • The reason why we are not able to handle little deaths in our life
  • How Stefan's parents were able to support his passions that made him happy
  • What Stefan had to deal with to properly live with the effects of anxiety to him
  • Why ego prevents us from growing as people
  • Why is it important to unlearn things in our life to be able to move forward
  • Kristen explains what does it mean to be a recovering perfectionist
  • Using the tough times in our life to express ourselves whether in art or something else
  • Why Stefan became afraid to let other people know about his first poem 
  • The El Camino trail and being vulnerable
  • Why Stefan used his life savings to fund the We’re All Going To Die project and not sponsorships
  • The fuel to the fire of why Stefan really believes in the We’re All Going To Die project
  • How Stefan faced the burnout that the project brought to him
  • The vision that Stefan has for the project and his plans on going global
  • Why is the We’re All Going To Die project dubbed a theme park for the soul


Visit Stefan's website at StefanHunt.com

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