013: End of Life Doulas. "We Help You Out" with Stone Circles

Oct 26, 2020

I am one of five members of the Stone Circles Doula Collective based in Seattle, WA. The Stone Circles Collective believes in the authenticity of each person’s unique experience and the power of final transitions. It is our mission to engage people around the choices they have, and support individuals in maintaining their sovereignty in death, which is so often fought hard for in life. We are a collective of guides, funerary support and remembrance artistry. Each guide and doula below is available independently or as a team of support.

Show Highlights

  • How the End of Life Doula profession is gradually being recognized and most probably certified as a skill
  • The changes end of life care has undergone over the centuries
  • How midwifery and end of life doula is closely related if not the same in both modern and ancient care giving
  • How Colonialism has affected end of life care
  • Paradigm shift when it comes to death and dying
  • How restrictions in modern end of life care in medical institutions has brought end of life doulas into existence
  • The important role of end of life doulas provide in both the dying and their families
  • How the doulas are empowering and encouraging the sovereignty of a dying person
  • How far have we pushed back the notion of a beautiful death or beauty of death as a society
  • What are the other skills and professional service end of life doulas can provide aside form end of life care
  • Making a death plan handy
  • Designing how you would like your funeral will look like no matter where you die
  • How can you count on your doula to do your wishes when the time comes
  • Brie's personal experience with a dying man in a hospice that had something to with planning his death
  • The right time to bring in a doula in your life
  • Advance care directives
  • How doulas can acommodate non-spiritual individuals
  • Brie's ritual involving a witnessed cremation
  • Death can be scary, but it doesn't have to be


Find more about the Stone Circles Collective's work at stonecirclescollective.org and

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