014: Ask for Help. You are Loved. All We Have is Now. with Karen Calder

Nov 10, 2020

Having two cancer diagnosis and facing COVID-19 Pandemic in just a year will definitely take it's toll to a person. However, Karen Calder is determined to win her battles knowing that there are people who are there for her. Currently undergoes radiation and chemo therapy, she faces her fears with resilience and through the things that brings her joy. Karen Calder, a former executive of globally-successful brands such as Walmart, is the founder of Karen Calder Consulting & Coaching. For 30 years, she has helped organizations and CEOs transform their cultures, develop high- performing leaders, and create unique talent solutions to meet business needs. The lack of advancement for women in organizations propelled Karen to delve into the power of mindset and habits that support or limit an individual’s success. She also found the same to be true for organizations implementing change but struggling to execute successfully. Her vision today is to teach women to lead at their best and to assist CEOs and their teams in creating change-ready, high- performing cultures.

Show Highlights:

  • COVID winter. How Kristen's friend setup a party tent in their backyard to get through the winter.
  • Karen's long blonde hair and her battle with 2 types of cancers.
  • How Karen found out the hard way that her battles cannot be won alone.
  • Help! Why asking for help takes more courage than doing something alone.
  • Overflowing help that Kristen received
  • How important were the small things as compared to the big things for Karen 
  • We always return to people that we feel safe with and we want to surround ourselves with. This is more Important now more than ever in the middle of the Pandemic.
  • Why Karen sticks with her coaching and consulting business when she earns much more as an executive in her former companies.
  • Karen's experience with facing fear on top of a major landmark in Canada.
  • Empowered women, empower women.
  • What is the simple, profound, and important question made Karen quit on her executive job.
  • Kristen's vulnerability in verbalizing that she loves the people that she love
  • How having joy empowers Karen
  • Resilience is a mindset. How Karen was able to understand and make her mind work for her and made her resilient.
  • Karen's fascination with the unknown.


You can reach Karen Calder and find more about her at ‚ÄčKaren-Calder.com

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