015: Courage with Ryan Berman

Nov 24, 2020

Ryan is the founder of Courageous; an organization that helps companies develop courageous ideas, teams and Courage Brands®. Ryan has been covered in Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Inc and Forbes. His book ‘Return on Courage: a playbook for courageous change’ showcases how companies can operationalize courage in their stories and teams. Ryan has worked with Google, Charity: Water, Major League Baseball, J&J, Cereal Partners Worldwide, Caesars Entertainment and US Ski & Snowboard. He’s also the founder of SockProblems.coman altruistic sock company that socks different problems in the world. Learn more at couragebrands.com

Show Highlights:

  • Why living closer to the soul takes a lot of courage 
  • Less time scrolling other people's lives in social media and more time scrolling ourselves
  • How Ryan was able to understand what Courage really means through a "listening tour"
  • Ryan's interview with the founding astronaut of the Virgin Galactic for his book Return on Courage
  • Why Ryan thinks that courageous ideas are the only ones that matter
  • How Ryan defines courage: Knowledge, Faith, Action
  • What Kristen means with a lot of organizations spend most of their time in the paralysis
  • Hiring Ryan is when you have the courage to "re"
  • Why the best leader is the one who could admit that they don't know
  • The problem with branding
  • Kristen's company, Eddie Bauer, took an important stand with black lives matter
  • What if fear was your best friend?
  • When Ryan finally found the courage to reveal his plans to write a book
  • The central courage system


Reach out to Ryan at ​couragebrands.com

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