016: Unf*ckwithable with Dayna Kathan

Dec 08, 2020

Being Unf*ckwithable and authentically herself is something that's natural for Dayna Kathan. In this episode, Kristen and Dayna talks about being a lioness, an old soul, a superwoman, mental illness and more. This is not for the faint of heart so brace yourself for a cuss-full episode that gives no f*cks about anyone or anything at all! 
Dayna Kathan is a Los Angeles based something (she doesn't know how to quantify it anymore because ya know- covid) formerly known as a comedian, television personality, breaker of glass ceilings and all around good time. Dayna grew up in Seattle where she quickly fell into "teenage angst" and a love for doc martens. She has been thrown many curve balls in her 30 years including; the death of her mother, mental illness and plenty of childhood trauma. In addition she was also blessed with abilities that shape her colorful world. Dayna is an eternal optimist who likes to spend her time helping others live their most authentic life. When the world is not in a COVID-19 Pandemic, Dayna likes to do pilates, bowl, travel with friends, spend time with family, read, see live music and play with her sweet black Devon Rex named "Leo."

Show Highlights

  • Cheers! First time sharing a drink with a guest in the show
  • How has Dayna been able to be authentically herself each and every minute of her life
  • Giving no f*cks: Dayna gives no apologies for who she is
  • Dayna tells the story of her being an old soul and not getting along with kids her age
  • The profound impact of Dayna's experience as an 8th grader to her and her mother
  • Dayna's personality to have the tendency to choose the tougher road
  • How Dayna and Kristen's daughter are extremely alike 
  • Why Dayna flourished academically in a freer environment such as college in comparison to the high school environment
  • What benefits Dayna's reiki journey is giving her
  • Dayna's paranormal superpowers
  • Cutting toxic people out of your life and improve how you live your life
  • Relationship is a choice: women get to make the choice too 
  • How the book The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein completely changed Dayna's life
  • Why Kristen turned her superpowers off
  • How her superpower intuition helped Dayna into becoming a legit stand up comedian
  • No getting past fear: If you are terrified to do something, you do it anyway
  • Wine to me: Dayna answers questions about relationships and life
  • Happiness and success do not rely on somebody else but yourself


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