017: All Hail Parent Truth Tellers

Dec 22, 2020

In this solo episode, Kristen remembers her emotional struggles with pregnancy and infancy and honors the Momma Truth Tellers that were brave enough to say what she was thinking - parenthood sometimes sucks. Kristen is currently struggling with her 13 year old's transition from childhood to the teen years and shares about her grief and loneliness, another thing that parents and mom in particular don't often discuss.

Show Highlights

  • What Kristen experienced when she was pregnant with her daughter 15 years ago
  • Why is being pregnant or having another human being inside the body is a mindf**k
  • Glow from pregnancy is not something that Kristen experienced 
  • How difficult is the infancy of her daughter for Kristen 
  • Becca Piastrelli: not shying away from truth telling
  • Importance of facing the reality of children transitioning into teens
  • Overcoming the difficulty of separating from your child and start accepting your teenager
  • The relationship with your son or daughter is always evolving


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