018: Saving The World One Party At A Time with Emily Nuchols

Jan 05, 2021

Emily Nuchols is the founder of Under Solen Media. She launched Under Solen more than 10 years ago because she saw an opportunity to strengthen and amplify the points of connection between brand, cause, and storytelling. Since then, she's cultivated a thriving team and community that is carving a powerful niche in the confluence between business and cause to create some serious impact. She has also been known to throw one hell of a party and wholeheartedly believes that celebration is at the core of great work — and that we can save the world one party at a time. In fact, she's currently working on a special project which, ahem, celebrates the role celebration plays in our culture.

Show Highlights

  • Kristen recalls how she met Emily in a film festival up in Telluride 10 years ago
  • Pandemic and Election: How hard and tiring the recently concluded US Elections amid the COVID-19 Pandemic for Emily 
  • The effect of what's happening in the collective has an effect to us individually
  • How Emily reconnected with people she hasn't talked to in a while 
  • Strength and courage is in leaning to our community
  • Breaking down the system that keeps us apart through community
  • Why cause marketing, impact campaigns we're not a thing 10 years ago unlike today
  • Using creativity, brands, and influence to make the world better, healthier, equitable place to live for people
  • Talking and Listening: knowing the importance of listening
  • Kristen's love affair with curiosity


Reach out to Emily Nuchols at undersolenmedia.com or visit her Instagram at@UnderSolen and @emilynuchols 

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