019: Your Story Matters with Dr. Juliana Hauser

Jan 19, 2021

Juliana Hauser has a PhD in Counseling Education, a background in teaching within gender studies, and teaching therapists to be a therapist at a graduate level, a licensed marriage and family therapist and licensed professional counselor, a mother. Dr. Hauser has written a sex-positive education program for Planned Parenthood and run a halfway house for women in recovery. She's worked with a group home for sexual abuse survivors, and sexual abusers. She's been a therapist with families and couples and a clinical director at a university’s counseling center. She's spread her sex positive message all over the world. Thanks to her conversational approach and sense of humor, people have told her she's like ‘your best girlfriend with a PH.D.’ and that working with her is like a great doctor’s appointment with a glass of wine. But â€‹what fuels here are the stories. Incredible stories from women who have spent their lives facing the crippling double standard to be sexually alluring but not in-your-face. Women who can’t seem to keep up with the rules because they keep changing. Women who decided to chart their own course for their bodies and sexual well-being; who found the undeniable link between empowerment, self worth and sexual agency. She is also passionate about supporting men in their quest to find meaningful relationships and go deeper into a fulfilling and evolved sexual journey. Men who have been underestimated. Men who are underserved. Men who are hungry to elevate. She provides a safe place, a tested, true, and relatable process to heal past experiences and empower futures. She believes in order for us to create a safe, exciting and meaningful sexual culture, we must include all genders and look at sexuality holistically and she’d love to walk alongside you on your journey.

Show Highlights

  • Dr. Juliana Hauser's relationship with the great Betty Dobson as a mentor, colleague, and a friend
  • How Betty Dobson does not waste time in having authentic conversation with people
  • Time is important: Having a mindset that we are dying everyday can keep us from bullsh*t
  • How difficult is this time for Dr. Juliana Hauser in spite of her coaching business doing great 
  • Benefits of working with people in different countries for Dr. Juliana Hauser's COVID-19 perspectives
  • Dr. Juliana Hauser's observations with the dating scene and romantic connections in this COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Kristen's extraordinary and old-fashioned experience with dating during the Pandemic
  • Dr. Juliana Hauser explains the "double hell yes" in 
  • From kindergarten teacher to sexual therapist: How Dr. Juliana Hauser shifted her career
  • The experience Dr. Juliana Hauser had from asking a question from her sex education teacher
  • Why sex and sexuality are separated from self-development
  • What happened when Dr. Juliana Hauser pursued acting in California


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