020: Honoring by Creating Art from Cremains with Fed Portalupi

Feb 02, 2021

​Federico Porlatupi is Art By Fed, an Austin, TX based resin artist that has a made a name for himself creating memorial paintings celebrating loved ones, humans and animals, that have passed. That’s right, he integrates cremated remains into his ocean-themed paintings. Portalupi left his lucrative sales job in late 2020 to focus full-time on his painting, which combines his two life passions - deep sea fishing and art. In May 2020, Portalupi started posting his art on TikTok and immediately gained celebrity status, garnering millions and millions of views. Now, people seek him out to integrate their loved-ones’ ashes into ocean-themed paintings as part of their healing process and to have a tangible, meaningful way to look at their loved-ones every day.​

Show Highlights

  • How Fed started appreciating art as a kid when he's working in their gelato shop near an art studio
  • Selling his first painting after 3 days he started
  • Why Fed didn't touch any paintbrush in 12 years before 2018
  • What Fed learned in his former company that made him work 12-15 hours a day
  • How Fed started to accept the cremains of the loved ones of those who saw his art in social media
  • The journey of Fed in creating art from the ashes of the deceased 
  • How creating art helps Fed from refraining to use his cellphone and reduce his overwhelming screen time
  • Fed's process in selecting medium of his artwork and how he ended using resin
  • The art of taking the job first and then figure it out after
  • Symbolic: How Fed feels the honor of spreading and sprinkling the ashes of the departed into the sand
  • The emotional and deep connection that the videos of his art making process creates when people watches it
  • Biggest change: How art cremains made him return to art 


If you are interested, Fed Portalupi's ArtByFed can be found on TikTokInstagramFacebook and Etsy.

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