029: Dead Funny, Dead Serious with Mitzi Weiland

Jun 07, 2021


"I wanted to be a comedian & a grief therapist. I did one of those things- and added LMFT after my name. Not funny, but useful and so full of purpose. I love my job.

But I wanted to add useful content to the public domain. The things I learned in graduate school- that made me aware of the death traumas (almost) all of us carry around on the daily. Some more training in grief & death (thanatology) and the desire to share these new concepts was busting.

Social Media was just so dang daunting- talking about death online? Um. Some people were not a fan. And THEY LET YOU KNOW. But I persisted.

A series of bad TikTok’s. Terrible-looking Insta posts. A few live videos. I apologize to you all -you can’t un-see that.

But the series- 30 EOL Doulas in 30 Days was born. And ta-da- it felt right- we were speaking to (and being useful to) both EOLD’s and the public.

I look forward to offering you more of these series!"

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