031: Listen To The Hum Of Your Soul with Amy Marquis

Jul 04, 2021

Amy Marquis was born in Indonesia but was naturalized in the United States through a selfless act her birth mother did when she was an infant. Growing up in a racially mixed environment and having the privilege to travel different countries during most Summers of her childhood, Amy got accustomed to different cultures. After spending a Sabbatical filming in Yosemite, while going through motherhood, Amy left her journalism career of 9 years and made filmmaking her full-time career. Becoming more aware of her white fragility and identity crisis, Amy focused on showcasing diverse cultural stories in her documentary films. In this episode, Amy Marquis talks with Kristen Elliot about motherhood and adoption, having exposure to different races, and achieving success in a non-traditional career. 


Amy Marquis is a Film Director, Producer, Editor, and Story Writer. Due to the timing of events and situations, Amy found her way into full-time filmmaking from being a journalist of an advocacy editorial. Having a very dynamic background on different races and cultures, Amy made it a mission to showcase and amplify these stories in her documentary films. Consistently pushing the boundaries in documentary-hybrid filmmaking, Amy supports, mentors, and seeks out more projects that are BIPOC- and female-led social justice films that decolonize storytelling and the film industry as a whole.

Show Highlights: 

  • Amy's origin from Indonesia to the United States
  • How Amy's childhood upbringing and experiences shaped her and her career
  • Amy's perception of unplanned pregnancies and adoption
  • The early stages of Amy's career
  • What Amy realized when she became a mother
  • How the environment affected Amy and her daughter
  • How Amy found her way into filmmaking amidst the pandemic
  • Amy's advice to everyone who wants to make a living out of their passion


Learn more about Amy Marquis on her Instagram and check out her works on her website


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