034: Looking At Our Ugly with Judy Lee

Aug 02, 2021

Judy Lee has gone through a series of strong, negative events from childhood to motherhood which left her with layers of deep-rooted traumas and feelings of unworthiness, which forced her to develop a false sense of self. As a result of her experiences, Judy grew up as a perfectionist as she slowly accomplished and lived her dreams,  all while still feeling incomplete. After deciding to finally switch her life around, Judy built up the courage to face her fears and insecurities. This opened the door for Judy to reconnect and redesign herself which she then realized was also her life's purpose to help other women do the same. In this episode, Judy Lee talks with Kristen Elliot about her traumas, how society affects women, and the importance of discovering and becoming your authentic self.

Judy Lee is a professional Embodiment Photographer and Mentor whose sole mission is to capture women's truest essence, confidence, inner beauty, and soul. After going through a series of negative events, Judy Lee finally made the decision to jump in and address her insecurities. This made her realize her purpose which is to help empower women. Determined to live her purpose, Judy Lee offers a transformative portrait experience and events to her clients that open doors for them to start reconnecting, accepting, and loving themselves. 


  • The importance of going through the journey of unbecoming in order to become
  • The major events that shaped Judy Lee
  • How Judy Lee started her journey of unbecoming
  • What Judy Lee realized after confronting her vulnerabilities
  • The moment when Judy Lee discovered her inherent worth
  • What Judy Lee aims to represent through her work
  • The true meaning behind being your authentic self
  • How society affects the way women view others and themselves
  • What Judy Lee does differently with her clients
  • How Judy Lee practices self-love and compassion


Visit her website at judyleephotography.com and find her on IG, FB, and YouTube using @judyleephotography 

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