038: Become the CEO of Your Life with Carmen Rosas

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Carmen Rosas is an estate planning attorney and woman’s empowerment coach. Her road to being a lawyer isn’t smooth sailing—she never wanted to be one. She tried to drop out of law school twice due to her self-doubt because she knows that isn’t what she’s meant to do. But when her grandmother passed away and saw the difficulty in processing the legal documents, she realized that law is her calling and there are other people who need her help, too. This is what brought her closer to pursue estate planning and practice family law especially for women and people of color.

In this episode, Carmen talks about her personal experience that led her to teach women how to empower themselves by providing financial tools and legal advice without relying on a man. She also shares the importance of estate planning not only to the person passing but also to the people who’ll be left behind. As an advocate of women empowerment, she encourages women to be true to themselves and never asks for permission in whatever they do—just do what you love, make money, and have fun doing it.

Carmen is a globally recognized thought leader, business advisor, CPA, and financial expert and the #1 National Bestselling Author of The Entrepreneur’s Solution. She has been an affluence, wealth & money mentor to top thought leaders and entrepreneurs. Her podcast, The Affluent Entrepreneur Show is ranked the #2 Most Powerful Business Podcast by Social Entrepreneur.

Carmen is the creator of multiple entrepreneurial training programs that provide the keys to business growth and success based on road-tested and proven processes and systems. She has advised entrepreneurs from startups to multi-million dollar and billion-dollar companies as to what drives value and how to build their dreams. She created and implemented growth strategies including taking a company from $50 million to over $200 million and assisted in numerous high-stakes negotiations, settlements, and transactions.

And she's also a super cool mom.


  • It was funny for a long time, like my slogan or my motto was “No one wants to talk about dying so let’s talk about living” and I had this call where I had the urge to help people beyond documents. I was like “How do I help them live the lives they really want to live before they pass away?”
  • I wouldn’t say that I flipped my life upside down, but before my daughter was born, I set the intention to make it a life that I would be proud of her to one, know me as living and two, if she had been living the same life as me, what would I say, what would I change for her?
  • As women, we tend to be nurturers, we just go with people please, we just go with it and there are so many parts of ourselves that get suppressed and not fully express.
  • Women are taking more or the initiative now. They’re more understanding and women tend to live longer. Statistically, women are living longer and I think that’s why there’s this movement now that women are understanding and we need to take control over our finances, we need to understand where money is going, and as society as a whole, where men always dominated.
  • I always say, estate planning is a selfless act. It’s now for you; you’re not doing it for yourself, you’re doing it for the people that will be mourning or celebrating.
  • Independence for me is freedom. For me, it’s so much more now because I run very successful businesses but I want time freedom, so how do I create a life where I have more time to spend with my daughter?
  • In regards to how we support other women, I think there’s still so much kindness and judgment around how a woman lives her life. 
  • I think there’s so much judgment around what other women do right around the things such as sexuality or even like femininity. If a woman chooses to be promiscuous or if an individual is part of the LGBTQ+ community, there’s that judgment that’s there. You know, that’s not your life, what does it matter to you? 
  • I think having support and compassion for people who may be different from you or for women specifically who maybe are not living the same type of life as you are and just not judging them. 
  • If they’re living a life different from you, it doesn’t make it right or wrong. 
  • These are individual choices that we don’t need to approve of, and it’s part of that thing too in business. It’s like staying on your own lane, focus on what you’re doing and how you want to live, and how you wanna be remembered or the ancestor you wanna be, the impact that you’re making, and not somebody else’s living their life. 
  • At the end of the day, when we pass, their life has nothing to do with us or our legacy.


Learn more about Carmen Rosas’ work on her website and discover EmpowHer Yourself, a business service that helps women have their own peace of mind by providing legal and financial tools for empowerment. For estate planning advice and legal documentation, check out Your Legal Protection Firm to schedule a consultation.

She’s also active on social media—@iamcarmenrosas on Instagram and Twitter or search Carmen Rosas on Facebook.

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