041: Calm & Confident Business Transitions with Vanessa Zamy

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Want to build a business, pursue your passion, and work a 9 to 5 job simultaneously? If you wonder how you can transition calmly and confidently from employee to entrepreneur, this podcast is for you! 

Vanessa Zamy is an international business consultant, owner of Your Vision's Catalyst, a speaker, and best-selling author that helps her clients grow their business while still keeping up with their day jobs. 

In this episode, Vanessa talks about her experiences in the corporate world, the reason she decided to leave, and how she transitioned from 9 to 5 to a full-time entrepreneur. She talks about the importance of mental shift and how reading a book transformed her outlook on life.

Vanessa believes in multiple sources of income, happiness and that time is not an issue. She shares how she guides her clients who are building their business and still want to remain in the corporate jobs without being overwhelmed and stressed. Vanessa discusses how your business's success can be affected by setting up the right strategy and so great tip.


  • Know and understand your non-negotiables
  • How to align your boundaries on business and life
  • Find out the book that Vanessa reads that made her think that entrepreneurship is accessible
  • Importance of time audit and the right strategy in building your business
  • Know when is the right time to leave your corporate job


Learn more about Vanessa Zammy’s work on time strategy and discover the best path forward for you visit her website Your Vision’s Catalyst. Connect with Vanessa on Linkedin and Facebook.

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