042: The Stages of Grief Are A Lie with Emily Threatt

Nov 22, 2021

There is no easy way to part with someone you love. The pain can be overwhelming, and you may feel all kinds of difficulty and unexpected emotions. But what if it happens to you not just once but twice. Emily lost two husbands and suffered loss, grief and didn’t know where to get help.

Emily Thiroux Threatt is the author of Loving and Living Your Way Through Grief: A Comprehensive Guide to Reclaiming and Cultivating Joy and Carrying on in the Face of Loss, winner of the Bookauthority Best New Grief Book and the Silver Medal for the Living Now Book Awards. She is the Founder of the Grief and Happiness Alliance and hosts the Grief and Happiness podcast. She helps people like her put their emotions into writing and find ways to move forward in their life.

In this episode, Emily shares her own story of grief when she lost her two husbands, how she uses writing as her weapon to overcome the negative emotions from death and live in the moment. She also talks about creating a writing and happiness practice to help people deal with grief and loss. Emily has much experience in the grieving process and has learned to face life with love, optimism, and joy. Her mission is to comfort and support those dealing with grief and loss, focusing on happiness.



  • Emily’s story of grief with her two husbands loss
  • Discover how she realizes her purpose
  • Learn what experience changed her perspective on fear
  • How she turned her emotions into writing and creating a gratitude list; and
  • Find out how she helps people write letters to their loved ones from the heart.



Grab Emily Thiroux Threatt’s book Loving and Living Your Life Through Grief and visit her website https://lovingandlivingyourwaythroughgrief.com/

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