009: Creative and Personal Freedom Through Understanding Your Energetic Make-Up with Clark Speake

Sep 01, 2020

Finding herself at a crossroads in her career where she observed that the closer she got to “success” the further she felt from her joy and freedom, Clark Speake eventually sought coaching to help her overcome these obstacles. Clark fell in love with the process of energy coaching and the transformational results she experienced through creating awareness and acceptance and then translating these into personal choice. In addition to her day job, Clark now works with clients at all levels of success as a coach for creative leadership, helping them find their authentic voice and connecting with their true power. Kerry Clark Speake is a product designer, creative director and coach for creative leadership with over 20 years in the apparel and footwear industry.  Currently she serves as a Senior Design Director in the Art Department at Nike and has worked for companies both locally and globally such as Adidas, Ralph Lauren and Levis.  

Show Highlights

  • Why the more success Clark achieves, the further she gets from the sense of freedom and joy
  • How Clark reached a certain fatigue point as a designer 
  • How Clark found the coaching that is described as energy Energy Leadership
  • Quitting a job after her coaching session which made her felt really happy
  • Bringing the tools that she acquired from the coaching to other people
  • Vulnerability as the connective tissue and creates the space for us to grow
  • The things that defend our vulnerability are there to help but keep us from growth
  • Basic principles of coaching
  • How Clark is constantly relearning the things she learned
  • The two levels of energy, Catabolic and Anabolic, that needed to be understood to properly address any situations
  • Why the Frontal cortex shuts down when we perceive a threat
  • Perfection as a tool of patriarchy brings a lot of stress
  • Clark describes in bits what are the 7 levels of energy or the Leadership "Tapas"
  • The inner critic is there to protect you as a child but not as an adult
  • How the inner critic can be a basis of the impostor syndrome
  • Importance of curiosity
  • How Kristen witnessed her step mother's last few moments before her death


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