039: Creative and Personal Freedom Through Understanding Your Energetic Make-Up with Cordell Jacks

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What’s easier to control: your dreams or your life? What if there is a way to control them both while sleeping?

Cordell Jacks, a dream coach, takes us to this new level of dreaming called the dream works where there is active participation and control over your dreams. 

His passion for dream works started when he dated a woman whose mother is a dream psychologist, one of the few in the world. She introduced Cordell to the academic field of dreams where he was instantly hooked to gain more knowledge, practice dream works, and share his acquired wisdom with others. 

Cordell Jacks has been a well-known dream coach for 20 years, helping CEOS overcome fears and encode ideas from dreams, interpreting his grandmother’s dreams about the afterlife, and educating his own child about the importance of unique expression when it comes to dreams and nightmares.

In this episode, we will take a deep dive into dream works: how it can navigate a space for yourself, how it can assist in healing, processing grief, depression, and moving on, and how it can aid in making conscious choices whether you are asleep or awake. Cordell Jacks talks about lucid dreaming and its beauty and how Ayahuasca, psychedelics, and dreaming are interrelated with each other. 

Cordell also shares some of his personal experiences on transitioning from corporate to dream works, how dreamwork helped him found a profound healing experience from a trauma he had when he was 11 years old and how it helped him to recover from a bad knee injury that hampered his life as a triathlete.


[09:56] The whole aspect of dream work is about choice. It’s an exercise in choice-making. Are we going to choose to let ⅓ of our life or the 2 hours we spent at dream state we spend every single night be completely unconscious time? Or are we going to give a little bit of attention and a little bit awareness to that time and rather than being an unconscious time, this can be super conscious time?

[10:48] Be here, be present, be fully conscious, be empowered to choose the life you wanna live.

[24:20] You just keep stretching your mind to new experiences, to new ways of perceiving that have huge ripple effects in your waking state. 

[26:45] We find out our biggest fears are some of our biggest opportunities.


[27:59] As we start to honor these dreams, these inner guidances, these callings again and again and again, we get a greater and greater purpose.

[29:57] Dreams can be a form of play. It can be incredibly safe, it can be pretty cognitive, they can be healing, they can be all these deep everything. And they can be bizarre and strange and hilarious and fun. 

[35:38] Any education that ultimately nurture our soul space, nurtures what wants to come through is gonna be the best we can possibly do.


If you’re interested to discover more about dream works, check out Cordell Jacks’ website for more guides, courses, and sessions on dream works practice. Follow him on his socials, @cordell.jacks on Instagram and search Cordell Jacks, Dream Coach on Facebook.

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