003: From Tech Entrepreneur to Grief Coach with Emma Payne

Jun 26, 2020

Meet Emma Payne, from grief.coach. We met here locally in Seattle and on one fateful early summer day, realized we were both destined for the death and grief industry.  If you've ever wanted to trade your soulless corporate gig for meaningful work filled with passion and promise, this episode is for you.  In this episode, I explore how Emma transitioned from a successful career as a 25-year technology executive to a self-employed, inspirational change-agent for Grief and Loss. Grief Coach combines Emma's passion for mobile technology and engagement, with her deep commitment to giving people the confidence and tools they need to support each other through grief. She knows that, while nothing makes grief go away, supporting someone through loss is powerful and transformative for the supporter, and alters the trajectory for the grieving person too. Hear how we can shift the conversation around Grief and Loss (in general and right now, during our unique worldwide health crisis) and better support family, friends and loved ones through all the transitions of their life. 
You can find Emma at grief.coach, on Instagram @grief.croach and on Facebook @grief.coach

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