005: Taking the Phoenix Path with Kimberly FiNix

Jun 28, 2020

I'm so excited for you to meet Kimberly FiNix of phoenix-path.com. This episode covers the messy process of reinventing yourself through the loss of relationship, namely divorce. We get real and raw about what that can look like and each of our divorce experiences. We talk about the alchemical process of self-reinvention and how beautiful it can be to let it all burn in the fires of change. We also talk about Ayahuasca journeys, how to love yourself through all the stages of your life and how hard it can be for family and friends to witness our destruction and rebuilding. We celebrate those who jump eyes-wide-open into the fire. ​If you've ever experienced the loss of a great love or long-term relationship and thought, "I could have done that better" or come out the other side a stronger, more capable, more open and loving human, this episode is for you.​ Kimberly FiNix is an alchemical Divorce Coach and Transformational Guide. She has several programs available at phoenix-path.com, including a free and vibrant Facebook group and transformational 5-day challenge. She also offers a free 60-minute exploratory call to determine the best ways to work together. I highly recommend exploring the Phoenix Path - your life will never be the same!

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