006: How Collecting Experiences Leads Us to Our Personal Freedom with Hannah Exner

Jul 21, 2020

With the world that constantly pressures us to be successful, finding our personal freedom can be all too challenging. Hannah Exner, a self-reported "weird kid," actively collected experiences to help figure out who she was. At one point, she made the life changing decision to go to Colombia for an internship that eventually gave her the inspiration for the Seattle, WA-based resource, Three Moon Collective. In this episode, Hannah talks about her journey, realizing the importance of her voice and how crucial it is to use that voice for the betterment of the total community.  Three Moon Collective is a brainchild of Hannah Exner, a resource for curious wellness seekers and the intuitive, heart-centered providers who support them, in Seattle, WA. 

Episode Highlights

  • How Hannah and Kristen met each other ‚Äč
  • Yoga as the experience that broke Hannah out of her shell
  • The challenges of being home schooled and then going to public high school
  • Seeking for a community while growing up while being a "weird" kid 
  • What is the drastic change that Hannah did a few years ago involving her career
  • Reframing Hannah's definition of success 
  • What does self-care looks like for Hannah especially in the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Why breath work scares Hannah (and Kristen!)
  • How the Three Moon Collective was conceptualized
  • Who are the wellness providers that Hannah works with in the Three Moon Collective
  • How Hannah's mentor encouraged her to speak up and let her voice be heard

Links Mentioned

Check out Hannah Exner's work at https://threemooncollective.com/

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