007: She Created Her Act Two. So Can you! with Brandy O'Briant

Aug 04, 2020

Growing up in an unpleasant environment in the American south, Brandy O'Briant has always wanted to leave her hometown in pursuit of the truth. A certified bookworm or Bibliophile since birth, her passion.. for the truth has been fueled by the books that she reads day in and day out. Her love for books paved the way for overcoming a lot of challenges in her life including being laid-off her lucrative advertising career which has proven to be a blessing in disguise. Brandy O'Briant is the founder of Page 1 Books, a personalized books subscription service out of Chicago, IL. Recently honored by Oprah Magazine as one of the Top 25 book subscriptions.

Episode Highlights:

  • How Brandy's love for books was greatly influenced by her grandmother
  • Working in a local bookstore to be able buy herself books
  • Getting our children to read our 
  • How Brandy was able to not follow the "prescribed" path growing up
  • How Brandy's friends in school decided she is not her friend anymore because of reading Nancy Drew
  • Kristen and Brandy's similarities when it comes to their love for books and wanting to get out of their hometowns
  • The first choice that most of the children including Kristen and Brandy had to take
  • How Brandy's love for knowing the truth became the impetus to take Journalism in college
  • Going to Northwestern while her parents are not open to her getting a college degree
  • Getting married and having children right after college
  • How Brandy ended up working on a lucrative advertising job
  • What sparked the idea for Page 1 Books while working with a huge ads company
  • How Brandy's kids helped her put up her business' small beginnings
  • Challenges that Brandy faces as her company expands it's clientele
  • How important it is to have room for mistakes
  • Getting cut from her work for "Business Reasons"
  • Sleeping with the Obsidian that Kristen gave Brandy
  • The real reason why there is no "overnight success"
  • One box at a time for Page 1 Books
  • Brandy recommends books for certain topics from Kristen


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