035: How Connecting Deeply To Your Sexuality Frees you with Mia Fine

Aug 16, 2021

Mia Fine, as a licensed couples therapist, realized that there's such a big gap in sexual exploration. In the middle of being in a society that treats topics on sex with shame and knowing how important intimacy is in a relationship, Mia went through her own journey that helped her become familiar and comfortable with discussing sex, intimacy, and identity in-depth. Going through that journey as an introvert, Mia found a community where she was able to establish wonderful relationships with people that hold different identities. In this episode, Mia Fine talks with Kristen Elliot about the importance of embracing gender spectrum and fluidity, embodying radical self-love, and how society can limit people in establishing good relationships with others and themselves.

Mia Fine is an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist whose mission is to help couples strengthen their relationships and deepen their intimacies through exploring aspects of their own sexual identity, orientation, and gender. As a holistic intersectional therapist, Mia is committed to practicing cultural humility which helps her approach sexual concerns in a person-centered, anti-oppressive, non-judgmental, and trauma-informed way. Dedicated to helping clients understand that they are not broken, Mia attends to each of her client's bio-psycho-social-sexual self that hold space for various identities.

Show Highlights

  • How Mia got started as a holistic intersectional therapist
  • All about gender spectrum and the gift of fluidity
  • What society boxes us in and it's downsides
  • The influences that affected Mia' journey to radical self love and embracing her spectrum
  • What it takes to accept our own spectrum and create intimacy within our relationships
  • How Mia removes shame in intimacy as a set therapist
  • The importance of creativity in deepening our relationship with our sexual selves
  • Why everyone should practice awareness and being intentional
  • What Mia wishes the society to be more open with and the usual struggles her clients face
  • The importance of introspection


Connect with Mia Fine and know more about her work though her website. 

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