004: Empath Badassery with Lola Pickett

Jun 27, 2020

An interview with the amazing, the powerful, the ultimate empath badass, Lola Pickett! 
In this episode we talk about wanting a bigger life for yourself and what one needs to let go of, to make that happen. Which sometimes means relationships, jobs, friends, beliefs, your physical appearance, even your name. Lola is the ultimate guide to shape shifting and supporting your nervous system and human body form while you do. 
We also talk about being of service to yourself and how being honest with yourself about your needs and wants is far less painful in the long run, than continuing to deny. What feels like excruciating pain, sometimes, initially, leads to freedom, ultimately. The often-experienced "Not This" as the indicator of necessary change comes up. Sometimes, we don't know what we want, but we know it's "not this". Not This is just as important to lean into as "this" is. It will lead you, eventually, to your soul's desire. 
Lola Pickett has guided thousands of souls to take back their lives. She's the host of the extraordinary Empath to Power podcast. She leads Empathology - a course for Empaths and Highly Sensitive Souls, to better understand the neuroscience and magic behind their make-up and harness their super powers. Lola champions resilience, courage and purpose for herself, her family and her clients. I have been working with Lola since 2016 and can't imagine stopping anytime soon.  You can find Lola at lolapickett.com, on Instagram @thelolapickett, on Facebook @lolapickett. You can find the Empath To Power with Lola Pickett podcast where ever you download podcasts and on YouTube at Empath To Power with Lola Pickett. 

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