030: Quantum Healing with Josh Bloom

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Joshua Bloom had very interesting childhood experiences that signaled he is an empath. After frustrations of sensing what only a few can, Joshua completely shut it off, ultimately realizing that he has the power to control energies. Seeing the benefits of having empathic abilities and having success in helping people with his energetic intuition, Joshua dedicated himself to teaching empaths and intuitives on how to harness their innate Quantum powers and become their best self. In this episode, Joshua Bloom talks with Kristen Elliot about what it is to have empathic powers and how to achieve healing and transformation through the Quantum Field. 

Joshua Bloom, a master in many arenas, is a #1 Best Selling Author and an Internationally Acclaimed Trusted Authority on Quantum Transformation. Believing deeply in the fusion of science and spirituality, Joshua developed a library of programs around the Quantum Field, which are designed to guide people towards growth and transformation. Through the science of energy, Joshua assists his clients in completely releasing ailments that have been thought to be incurable. Wanting his programs to help as many people achieve their extraordinary transformation, Joshua trains students to transform themselves and help others do the same. 

Show Highlights

  • Joshua Bloom's childhood struggles as an empath
  • The real meaning behind being an empath and the experience of being one
  • How Joshua learned to control his empathic abilities
  • What Joshua lost along with the disappearance of the unusual energies
  • Joshua's first experience with energetic intuition
  • Stories of some of Joshua's first clients: the symptoms he dealt with
  • The differences in the Quantum Field: Growth vs Protection
  • The importance of having the proper alignment and being in the present
  • The speed and success of healing through Quantum Field
  • The real process of transformation and how it begins



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