003: From Tech Entrepreneur to Grief Coach with Emma Payne Jun 26, 2020

Meet Emma Payne, from grief.coach. We met here locally in Seattle and on one fateful early summer day, realized we were both destined for the death and grief industry.  If you've ever wanted to trade your soulless corporate gig for meaningful work filled with passion and promise, this...

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002: How We Killed Our Marriage Jun 25, 2020

My first full-length episode gets REAL personal, REAL fast, as I interview my ex-husband, Chris Elliott. 10 years ago, we killed our marriage. We also re-birthed a successful co-parenting relationship and have grown into a really great friendship in the process. But it wasn't all sunshine...

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001: The Introduction Jun 25, 2020

In this episode, meet Dying to Live host Kristen Elliott and get a quick introduction to what future episodes will reveal. 

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