040: Empowering Ceremony and Ritual with Jessica Wertz Oct 25, 2021

How do you celebrate life? How about death? For Jessica Wertz, an artist, the ceremony of death should be sacred and restorative for the families and communities rather than painful and fearful. She came up with this realization when she was living in the woods of Oregon where she found a...

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033: Having Fun With Taboo Talk: The Death Deck Jul 12, 2021

After her husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, went through treatment, and eventually lost him, Lori LoCicero found support in Lisa Pahl, a hospice social worker who helped her navigate through grief, acceptance, and the hard questions about death. 

Their conversations about dying...

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025: Thank You Fear, I've Got It From Here with Ken Wylie Apr 12, 2021


Imagine being buried in an avalanche where for a minute you have no certainty of being alive and it seems only one thing is certain, death. An apprentice at the time, Ken Wiley (IFMGA) was able to survive the tragic accident and it made a surprising discovery about fear of living and...

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