8-week small-group guided immersion for people who are tired of a life that’s “fine”:


Living a life that makes you say HELL YES when you wake up every day is possible right now.


Proven guided immersion to help you eliminate regret and live a HELL YES life.


In just 8 short weeks you will feel more connected to your heart, confident in your inner knowing, and understand what sets your soul on fire. So that you can truly experience the breadth and depth of your life, in exactly the way you want to. This is life, designed by you. Not prescribed by someone else.

Can you feel that freedom?

In fact, this immersion is an insurance policy against regret.

Click below to join us and rewrite your life prescription.


The Soul Alignment Immersion clarifies your life through death work. It’s informed by the way Death Doulas are trained to support folks at the end of their life (to center them back to themselves, find and remember the meaning and more intimately connect them to their souls) ... but offers this liberating and grounding framework for those of us who are very much still living.

Maybe you don't think you have time for an eight-week immersion into yourself. Or that when you get to know yourself, you'll find an unlikeable stranger. But don't worry! I can tell you from first-hand experience as both a Death Doula and lifelong soul-supporter, this program is deep, gentle, and genuinely life-changing.

The Soul Alignment Immersion helps you transform you from “fine” to HELL YES in just eight weeks. 

Actually, you don't have time to NOT take it.

If you’re reading this page right now, you’re likely feeling a bit stuck in life.

Perhaps you don’t even know what it is that you’re stuck in the “life prescription” - the way you were told life was supposed to be when you were growing up.

Our parents, community, schools, clubs, friends -- they all add a little bit to the story of how life should be. I get it. I’ve been there. And maybe, like me back in the day, you also feel guilty because your life looks “fine” on paper. For all intents and purposes, it’s a good life. But, there’s absolutely no shame in wanting more for yourself. In fact, that’s what we’re here to do in this human experience! We only have so much time here.

Why would we not squeeze as much out of our lives as possible?

If you’re feeling like there must be more than this, you’re likely stuck in a life prescription you didn’t write for yourself. You’re living your life according to someone else’s idea of what a good life should be.

And just like so many other folks, you’re likely now also at the point of thinking - how long can I keep living this way?

And you may also be thinking, this is killing my soul.

How that tends to feel is lethargy, lack of interest, an inability to get excited about the very things you’ve been told you “should” be excited about, tendency to “zone out,” a feeling of being numb to life... you get it. Does this sound familiar?

Look, you could go on like this for the rest of your life. You could keep living a “fine” life that looks good on paper but doesn’t even come close to igniting a fire in your soul. And when you get to the end of your days, as you look back, you’ll likely see a bunch of stuff that’s “fine”. That’s when you’ll feel the heavy burden of regret and the pain of yearning if you don’t already.

At that point, there’s simply no more time. I’m a Death Doula. Ask me how I know...

Now how does “fine” sound?

Do you want to spend the little time we all have on this Earth living a life that’s “fine”? Or do you want to wake up each day and think
HELL YES because you’ve hand-crafted the life of your dreams?

Would you rather zombie walk through each day, taking whatever little crumb of joy floats your way? Or do you want to build a life for yourself on your terms... one that sets your soul on fire each and every day? One without yearning because you’re already fulfilling your deepest desires. RIGHT?!

Most people think this kind of life is unattainable. But the truth is, they just don’t realize how easy it is to get it. And even to you, this might sound completely daunting.

I promise you, you can have this kind of life today. All you have to do is rewrite that life prescription. Rewriting that life prescription requires just one thing: a deeply intimate knowledge of YOU.

Of your soul. Of the depths of your being. It involves getting to know yourself really really well. Isn’t this actually the one thing we’re here to do? Who better to dive deep into themselves than you?

That’s what the Soul Alignment Immersion is designed to do. In a really gentle, loving, yet powerful way. And fully supported through the small-group design. It’s coming home to yourself. When you come home to yourself, everything is possible.

Home to yourself...You can feel the energy in those words, right? I can too. This concept became particularly poignant when I became an End of Life Doula and started supporting people through their end of life transitions. I began to wonder, why aren't we really getting to know ourselves...while we're still alive?

Now, it's my mission now to guide folks like you - humans seeking to understand why it feels like something is missing, people wanting to truly suck the marrow out of life - to feel more alive and purposeful than ever before.

If you’ve made it this far down the page, then you already know that the key to this kind of life is daring to get really intimate with your full self; getting to know your whole soul and every inch of your being. If you don’t, who else will? It’s YOUR LIFE and YOUR CHOICE.

If you don’t say no to “fine” once and for all and make the decision to rewrite your life prescription, you will stay in the same life you have right now, forever. 

Joining the Soul Alignment Immersion is regret insurance.

If you can fully feel that from your eyebrows to your toes, then that means you’re ready to align your soul and start building a life on your terms.

That’s what the Soul Alignment Immersion is designed to do. In a really gentle, loving, yet powerful way. It’s coming home to yourself. When you come home to yourself, everything is possible.



The Soul Alignment Immersion

The Soul Alignment Immersion is an 8-week group course, with virtual and live coaching, that helps you connect intimately with your soul and rewrite your life prescription.

  • Remember who the hell you are so you can say no to things that are just “fine” and make room for all things HELL YES
  • Get intimate with what makes you feel safe and held so you can get really comfortable with discomfort and fear 
  • Harness and express your most authentic self 
  • Rewrite your life prescription according to YOUR values, ideals, and desires 
  • Start building a life fueled by your soul fire that is 100% your own

When you join the Soul Alignment Immersion, you get:

  • 8 weeks of guided practices, insights, and exercises (value $5,999)
  • Weekly live Zoom calls with me and your Soul Alignment Immersion community (value $5,175)
  • Immediate access to five robust bonus meditations, playlists, additional exercises, and resources (you don’t have to wait for the course start date to get access!) (value $2,300)
  • Access to the Soul Alignment Community Center AND your fellow Soul Aligners, for added connection and support (value priceless)

That makes this Immersion worth over $13,000

The total cost is just $997!


Here’s what people are saying about engaging in my courses and podcast:

I trust Kristen to guide me through even the most intimate and intense transformations, as I know she continues to explore her own edges and shed what no longer works in her own life and career. As a facilitator and guide, she is kind, creative, compassionate, intuitive, and fully HUMAN; encouraging me to soften my expectations of myself - which of course opens me up in unexpected ways! In a sea of superficial, trite, and materialistic personal development drivel, her work is the REAL DEAL.
Lola Pickett
Such a great course and it arrived at just the right time.
Kristen is warm and welcoming and creates a supportive space to reflect and go deeper into what gives our lives meaning.
I'm so grateful to have found this course and am looking forward to seeing how my own path continues to evolve as a result of the things discovered during this time.
Soul Alignment Immersion Client
I had so many great realizations
WHOA, I learned so much about myself.
Thank you!
Thank you for the guidance, care, and time you put into all the material
This podcast (Dying to Live) is a beacon of hope in what was a year of struggle for many (thank you 2020). So insightful, enlightening, thought-provoking, comforting…
Kristen brings authentic perspective and life experience to Dying To Live. I’m empowered by the inspiring life changes both she and her guests have made. Each episode is engaging, spurs personal discovery, and challenges listeners to truly seek out and embrace change.

Let me show you the magic
that awaits you once you join the course:

Your Hell Yes Starts Now

Remember Who You Are

Deepen Your Experience

The Antidote to Fear

Fully Expressing Your Truth

Go Even Deeper

Your Forward Path Is Open

Never Live A Hell No Again

There are so many courses, programs, and modalities today.
It can be really hard to discern where to put your attention and your investment.

  • Weekly therapy can run up to $15,000 a year (especially if the therapist doesn’t take insurance)
  • A personal coach can run $3,000 a month 
  • Group programs can be $3,000 - $5,000 a year

No matter who you are and what you’ve tried, you’ve likely already seen that self-work is priceless. Now it’s just a matter of finding the self-work that speaks to your soul. Am I right?

The content of this course has been proven time and again to deepen people’s relationship with themselves and thus, get them to a place of supreme peace and confidence. That confidence is the fuel for living your most authentic life that’s fully grounded in exactly who you are. It’s what helps you rewrite your life prescription.

Again, when you come home to yourself, everything is possible.

You can take the next step forward in doing just that by joining the Soul Alignment Immersion today AND get instant access to all the bonuses.

And I make it really easy to invest in yourself. Normally, this program is over $2,000. But because of the time that we’re in and because I want as many people as possible to benefit from this work, just for this launch, you can join for just three installments of $332 ($997 total). 

This work is guaranteed, so there’s also no risk to you. In fact, all the risk is on me! Happily. Because I want as many people as possible to be able to shift their lives and rewrite their life prescription.

So what will you get when you join?

I'm glad you asked!

The Soul Alignment Immersion Includes:

  • Eight weeks of guided practices, insights, and exercises that help you get really clear on what's truly meaningful in your life. What sets your soul on fire.
  • A blueprint for using that knowledge to rewrite your life prescription so you can realize more fulfillment, more peace, and more joy than you ever thought possible.
  • Bonus, supportive, nurturing content like guided meditations, recommended reading lists, podcasts, and resources, and additional exercises to deepen your experience further.
  • Weekly live Zoom calls with me and our Soul Alignment Immersion community. You are not alone!
  • A place to connect and share with others in the program. COMMUNITY!

But wait, there’s more! Bonuses!

When you join, in addition to the core components of the program, which are already valued at over $9,000, you will also get $2,300 in additional support, tools, and benefits.

  • A 15 minute guided meditation that grounds you and shows you how to harness the absolutely best energetic protection available - your core self! The best part is, once you learn it, you can employ it anytime you need to, in less than 10 seconds.
  • The Soundtrack of You exercise, which gives you a personalized audio hug and high-five, celebrating the amazing human that you are
  • A curated list of resources to support you during the course and beyond
  • Free As I Want To Be exercise to make it really easy to get more personal freedom
  • Curiosity Training. Many of us were not raised to be curious. But curiosity is the ultimate tool for staying open. And when we’re open, anything is possible.

My Guarantee:

I understand that if you’re like most people that work with me, you’ve been dissatisfied with courses and programs in the past. I get it - I’ve been there too. It’s actually one of the foundations of my work - if I don’t fully believe in what I’m offering, because I’ve done it myself and realized remarkable shifts, then I don’t offer it. Period. That’s why I’m including a no-questions-asked, full 100% money-back guarantee. Which means if you don’t find value in the weekly content, videos, coaching calls, bonuses, or the rest of it, email [email protected] and you will receive a full refund. This work is in-depth, it’s active and it takes commitment. So what I ask of you in return for this guarantee, is to do the work. You need to attend the calls (real-time or watch the replay) and do the worksheets and homework. If you can show that you’ve done all of that and still not gotten what you’d hoped from it, then I’ll thank you for taking the time to try this modality and refund you in full. And now, you can invest in this program with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that you’ll realize remarkable shifts in yourself that lead to remarkable shifts in your life. And that you can join risk-free. In fact, I’m putting all the risk on me to provide you with a fulfilling, nurturing, and shift-generating program.

One of my favorite days was the day I realized that my life was actually fully, 100% up to me. I can literally choose to make this life everything I want it to be.

And now YOU’VE got a choice to make, too. You can invest a little bit in yourself right now, to be one step closer to your HELL YES life OR things can stay exactly as they are and life will continue to be “fine”. Remember how “fine” feel, deep in your bones. “Fine” is not a soul zing. “Fine” is not the feeling of being fully alive. “Fine” doesn’t fuel … anything, really.

But! Can you IMAGINE … can you FEEL … how a HELL YES life reverberates throughout your entire being? How AMAZING it feels to CHOOSE yourself, to choose your SOUL. You can do that right now.

The choice is yours! Registration closes on April 2. Say yes to yourself, now, so you don’t spend one more day in a life that’s “fine”.

An 8-week group session is planned to start in February 2022!

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